FLORENTINA Technical Fabrics

Maszyna włókiennicza


FLORENTINA Technical Fabrics has been on the market since 2018. In the beginning, we focused our activities on polyester fabrics dedicated to transfer sublimation printing. Growing interest in our products, positive relations with contractors and their individual needs have contributed to our development and continuous expansion of the offer. Our products are mainly sold and delivered on the European market. We maintain inventory in such a way that the offered textiles are always available and the delivery time is as short as possible. We provide full truck, pallet and one roll transport. Currently on the European market, we are not only a trading partner but also the major supplier ensuring continuity of production. We approach each customer individually, adjusting the offer to their needs. We know how important the quality of our products is, therefore in our daily work we are guided by our motto - "Product-application knowledge provides you with the highest quality textiles". The growing satisfaction of our customers has enabled us to build a solid and recognizable brand. We invite You to cooperation.


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